And they're full of that sponge cake flavor.

March 07, 2017 11:05 AM

Only the most shameless of gluttons would eat at Twinkie for breakfast (a group we’d like to offer a preemptive apology to; We mask our envy with name-calling). But would society consider it more socially acceptable to start the day by drinking a Twinkie? Hostess hopes so.

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The snack cake purveyor has announced a partnership with Kerry Convenience, a company that provides food and beverage products to convenience stores, to sell “Twinkies Cappuccino” – a beverage that finally combines the Italian innovation of putting steamed milk on top of a latte with the American innovation of putting creamy filling inside of a shelf-stable sponge cake. However, the resulting concoction sounds as if it will place more of an emphasis on the Twinkie than the Cappuccino. According to Food Business News, the drink “features a combination of milk, sponge cake flavor and a hint of coffee.” You know, just enough of a “hint” to prevent you from wondering if you’d be better off just indulging your inner eight-year-old and buying a Twinkie instead.

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For a product that had to temporarily cease production back in 2012 due to Hostess filing for bankruptcy, the Twinkie has made a raging coming since its 2013 reintroduction. Last year, the brand introduced Deep Fried Twinkies that state fair fans could cook at home. And a couple months ago, Twinkies Ice Cream hit store shelves. Who knows what’s next after Twinkies tackle the hot beverage market. Maybe some sort of Twinkies syrup that will allow Twinkies lovers to pour the essence of Twinkies over everything from cereal to salad? Cut out the coffee middleman and just sell the American public that “sponge cake flavor” directly?

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For now, Twinkies Cappuccinos are apparently already available in some Sheetz locations and will be rolling out to convenience stores across the country in the next few weeks. “We are delighted to bring the iconic taste of Twinkies to consumers in a new form,” said Sharon Porter, director of marketing for Kerry Convenience. It just goes to prove that you can’t destroy a Twinkie, you can only alter its form.

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