Try the Soccer Mom Workout by Carrie Underwood's Trainer to Support Her Anti-Bullying Stance

Erin Oprea

A stranger may have shamed Erin Oprea, trainer extrordinaire to Carrie Underwood, for working out during her son’s soccer game, but Oprea’s not letting that stop her. In addition to speaking out against bullying, Oprea is sharing her soccer mom workout with PEOPLE.

To fit in her workouts, Oprea’s come up with different exercises to do as she watches from the sidelines.

“I just really want to encourage other women to take advantage of their time,” Oprea, author of The 4×4 Diet, tells PEOPLE. “You’re there [at the soccer field] — kill two birds with one stone. And she’s [Underwood] a believer in the same thing.”

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Typically, that means jumping rope for a whopping two hours so she can keep her eyes on her boys while getting her steps in for the day. But for something a little bit more exciting, Oprea came up with a Tabata plan, perfect for while you hang out on the soccer field.

“Tabata is four minutes — eight rounds of 20 second bursts of exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest,” Oprea explains. “Put the timer on your phone so you don’t miss one second of the game, you’re watching the whole game so why not.”

The exercises are up to the individual person, but Oprea gave a few suggestions.

“Depending on your level, you could do eight rounds of squats if you wanted to. You can do push ups, you can do run in place, you can do jumping jacks — all body weight exercises,” requiring no additional equipment, she says.

“Sometimes I decide to bring dumbbells out, but a lot of time I don’t bring dumbbells, I just do body weight and lots of jump rope. Lots and lots and lots and lots of jump rope because I want to get my steps.”

Staying healthy as an adult sets a great example for your kids, Oprea says.

“As moms we spend so much time at our children’s sporting events. Take advantage of your time while you’re there,” she says. “Whether you run in place, you jump rope, maybe during practices you go for a run. Get your friend to do it with you. There’s lots of other moms, do ’em all together maybe that will help out with insecurities, sometimes people are shy to do it by themselves. I always encourage other people to do it with me.”

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“You’re showing them as adults that you need to move. You are encouraging your kids to grow up to know what it’s like to take care of yourself as a healthy adult.”

Julie Mazziotta, @julietmazz

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