Trader Joe's Really Is Everyone's Favorite Grocery Store

Trader Joe's
Trader Joe's storefront.

If it seems like the line at Trader Joe’s gets longer with each visit, there’s a reason.

For the third (!) year in a row, Trader Joe’s has been named the preferred grocery store for American consumers in a study done by MarketForce Information. It’s closely followed by Publix in second place, and Aldi in third.

The stores were judged on a variety of factors, but, when it comes to their supermarkets, it seems that people primarily care about convenience: Fast checkouts, ease of finding items, and of course, good promotions were all among the criteria.

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Trader Joe’s only took the top scores when it came to cashier courtesy (an essential part of the supermarket shopping experience, of course!), but ranked second when it came to cleanliness, fast checkouts and ease of finding items.

Trader Joe’s may have come out on top for this list, but it isn’t the favorite in every survey. Consumer Reports‘ study on the top supermarkets found Wegmans (which isn’t included in MarketForce’s survey) to be the winner, with Publix and Trader Joe’s filling out the top three.

Congrats, Trader Joe’s. We’ll be eating a scoop of your oh-so-yummy cookie butter in celebration.

—Diana Pearl, @dianapearl_

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