She’s known as the Queen of Crafting, but Tori Spelling has more than a few culinary tricks up her sleeve, especially when it comes to one of her favorite holidays.

“My green bean bundles wrapped in bacon are a Thanksgiving staple,” says Spelling, whose special, Tori & Dean’s Family Thanksgiving, premieres Sunday on Cooking Channel.

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“My family and friends have come to expect them. And Dean [McDermott] and I both grew up with Jell-o molds that our mothers made. Hopefully they will become our kids’ tradition.”

And with five kids in the house (Liam, 8, Stella, 7, Hattie, 4, Finn, 3, and Dean’s son Jack, 17), Spelling has plenty of sous-chefs. “Stella has great skills in the kitchen. She usually bakes all the desserts. Liam, our picky eater, will try anything as long as he’s had a hand in preparing the dish, which is great. Hattie and Finn try to help but usually end up snacking the whole time. And Jack is my best taster.”

And McDermott, who wrote The Gourmet Dad cookbook, has his own signatures in the kitchen. “He’s Canadian, so he introduced poutine in a fun kid-approved presentation, potato bug poutine,” says Spelling. “And he has a famous stuffing that he makes with bagels instead of bread. It’s delicious!”

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It’s not all domestic bliss however, jokes Spelling of her tendency to go overboard when it comes to party flair. “I’m an intricate DIY’er,” she says with a laugh. “I look forward to every holiday so I can decorate. Dean always thinks I go too far, but it’s my passion so he deals with it.”

Tori & Dean’s Family Thanksgiving premieres Sunday, Nov. 8 on Cooking Channel.

—Aili Nahas