The townhouse also has a garden in the backyard where Colicchio tends to fresh herbs

By Hannah Chubb
August 12, 2019 04:44 PM

Tom Colicchio’s kitchen is fit for well … a Top Chef, but it took some time getting there.

The Top Chef judge and his wife, filmmaker Lori Silverbush, opened up their home in the Sept. 30 issue of Wine Spectator magazine after taking on an extensive renovation.

The pair moved their family — including sons Luka, now 10, and Mateo, 8 (Colicchio also has son, Dante, 26, from a previous relationship) — from a West Village rental into a gorgeous Brooklyn brownstone in 2016, hoping to provide the boys with a more diverse New York upbringing than they thought Manhattan could offer. 

“A real New Yorker to me isn’t someone who’s only ever met people who look and sound and think exactly like he or she does; it’s the opposite,” Silverbush, 50, told Wine Spectator. 

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The couple purchased a unique, four-story townhouse, which dates back to 1852, in the neighborhood of Fort Greene to make that happen. Quite a bit of work was required to turn the space into the home they dreamed of, but with the help of Bentel & Bentel Architects, they were happy to tackle the project.

Ty Cole for Wine Spectator Magazine

The biggest decision in the remodeling, Colicchio, 56, says, was where to put the kitchen — perhaps the most important room in the chef’s home. “We probably went through 40 different layouts,” he said, before deciding on dedicating the home’s garden level to the cooking space.

Ty Cole for Wine Spectator Magazine

Clocking in at 685-square feet in total, the kitchen is decorated with blue millwork, white oak floors, floor-to-ceiling windows and soft-white wall tiling. Colicchio even transformed the space’s old fireplace into a wood-burning grill.

Ty Cole for Wine Spectator Magazine

While he says the weekdays are typically hectic and extensive meals are hard to get to, Colicchio is never far from his favorite wines when he is home — especially thanks to his twin wine-cooler drawers. “I don’t think you need an occasion to open a good bottle of wine,” he said, telling Wine Spectator that his favorites include Macari, McCall and Lieb from Long Island. 

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Ty Cole for Wine Spectator Magazine

One of Colicchio’s favorite new spaces in the house — especially because he didn’t have it in Manhattan — is the backyard garden, where he tends to fresh herbs. “I get up in the morning at six, I’m out in the garden for two hours and then my day starts, and it’s just a much better day,” he said. “It makes me so happy.”