'Top Chef' Winner Buddha Lo's Restaurant Hūso Had a Devastating Fire

The New York City restaurant where Lo works as executive chef is on the ground floor of a residential building

Buddha Lo
Photo: Emily Shur/Bravo via Getty

New York City restaurant Hūso, which counts Top Chef's Buddha Lo as its executive chef, had a devastating fire.

On Wednesday, the season 19 winner of Top Chef revealed news of the fire on his Instagram. The fine-dining establishment is inside Marky's Caviar in Manhattan's Upper East Side.

"Last night something not so chilled happened," Lo captioned his post. "Markys caviar/Huso caught on fire. We are beyond devastated."

Lo reassured his followers that no one was injured during the incident.

"This happened while we were closed and did not have dinner service. We are lucky that no one got hurt and that the fire department was able to put out the fire fast enough as we are at ground level of a residential building," he said.

According to Lo, the fire was sparked by an electrical outlet next to the cash register.

"We will remain closed until further notice. All guest that have reservations with us will be refunded," he concluded. "We hope to be welcoming you through our doors soon."

Hūso confirmed the news in an Instagram Story reiterating Lo's sentiment, and a spokesperson for Marky's Caviar also confirmed the incident with PEOPLE.

Danielle Zaslavsky, who runs Marky's Caviar with her family and popularized caviar as a snack trend on TikTok, shared a video there describing the accident with her husband.

The pair said they received a phone call while they were eating dinner, informing them that Hūso was "on fire."

"Luckily nobody was hurt. There was nobody there. It was after it was closed," she said.

Zaslavsky then said that a fuse under the refrigerator "sparked and it lit the rest of the cords on fire because the fridge casings are next to the cash register where the computers are, where all the other monitors are."

While Zaslavsky said it was "just a fluke accident," she was clearly upset over the severe damage on the Manhattan business, which she called her "baby."

"It's really sad because the whole place is just a mess," she added. "We're going to take it one day at a time."

Marky's other New York location at Grand Central remains open.

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