By Megan Johnson
Updated December 01, 2020 03:09 PM
Credit: Mike Marsland/Mike Marsland/WireImage

He may not be a native New Englander, but Tom Hanks got an A+ from the locals for his attempt at a Boston accent.

On Monday, the Sully star headed to Boston’s Charlestown neighborhood with a group of seven friends for a “fast and casual” lunch. The group headed to the private dining room at Pier 6, where, clad in a hat, button-down shirt and jeans, Hanks enjoyed the New England clam chowder, as well as lamb gyros.

On his way out of the restaurant, Hanks made sure to stop and give the crew an extra thanks, and in his best Boston accent, commented on how he “loved the chowdah,” one staff member told PEOPLE.

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The actor’s appearance took the staff by surprise. “A woman made an anonymous reservation requesting the private dining room, and next thing you know, Tom Hanks walks in,” said the staffer. “He was very friendly and gracious with our staff, and a great tipper.”

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The group also ordered fish tacos, a fish sandwich, crab cakes, and a few salads. They were in and out in an hour, but the staff still said that Hanks spoke like a pro. “His Boston accent was a perfect 10!” the staff member continued.

This wasn’t Tom’s only surprise appearance lately. Over the weekend, he popped into a couple’s wedding pictures as they were being photographed in New York’s Central Park.