It's serious kitchen business, y'all
Tom Daley Frying Pan

As is expected with award-winning Olympic divers, Tom Daley has made a splash (get it?) with his skills in the pool. But if you thought diving was the extent of the 21-year-old’s talents, you’re quite mistaken.

Turns out, Daley is also a culinary master who not only wows fans with his edible creations, but also introduces novice cooks to genius inventions like the all-in-one frying pan.

“Sunday morning full English breakfast for the American,” the British athlete writes on Facebook, accompanying his caption with a close-up shot of a classic English meal, including sausage, ham, baked beans and eggs — lovingly made for Daley’s fiancé Dustin Lance Black.

While there’s no doubt Black’s breakfast looks delicious, Facebook fans were more intrigued by Daley’s choice in cooking tools. Instead of opting for individual pans, the diver used this multi-use pan (found out to be the MasterPan All-In-One Frying Pan, to be exact), which not only saved the athlete extra grilling time, but is unique enough to make for the best Facebook photo.

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Hey, if Daley ever grows tired of the whole diving thing, he can always make waves (oh, we did it again!) promoting kitchen tool gems.

—Grace Gavilanes