Savannah Guthrie found herself in a sticky situation while reporting live from Tokyo during the Summer Olympics

Savannah Guthrie cotton candy
Credit: Savannah Guthrie/Instagram

Savannah Guthrie's time in Tokyo is off to a sweet start. 

While reporting on the local food scene in Japan, where she's been covering the Tokyo Summer Olympics, the Today Show host found herself in a rather sticky situation when she got a giant orb of cotton candy stuck to her hand live on camera. 

The moment happened just as she was about to show off Today's new set for the Tokyo Olympics and had been sharing some of her favorite snacks with co-hosts Craig Melvin and Hoda Kotb, who were both back in the New York studio.

"It's so sticky," said the NBC journalist, 49, as she picked up the Instagram-worthy rainbow treat from Totti Candy Factory, which is popular with tourists.

Guthrie ran into trouble when it was time to show off the set and she realized she'd be taking the cotton candy along with her on the tour. "This is actually stuck to my hand," Guthrie revealed to her co-hosts, waving her arm around in an attempt to remove it. When that was unsuccessful, she joked, "I'm gonna sleep with it." 

Making the most of the moment, Guthrie used the cotton candy as a colorful pointer, gesturing to different areas on set and showing off some nearby venues for beach volleyball and triathlons before sending the segment back to her co-hosts, cotton candy still attached to her arm. 

"It's never coming off," she said, flinging her hand around until the tower of cotton candy finally fell off. "Okay, got it! I'm good," she said as Kotb applauded her onscreen. Guthrie later captured the moment for Instagram, captioning her post, "when cotton candy attacks" along with the hashtags #Tokyo and #worthit.     

Guthrie, who has been Tokyo since mid-July, has been chronicling her time covering the Olympics on Instagram, where she's shared behind-the-scenes moments since first touching down earlier this month. After nearly a full day spent traveling to Tokyo, Guthrie said the long trip was well worth it. "Worth. Every. Minute. / I ❤️ Tokyo," she wrote in the caption of a July 17 post.