July 20, 2015 01:25 PM

FoodBabyNy Instagram

If your two favorite things involve adorable babies and mouthwatering food, consider @foodbabyny your new Instagram account to follow.

The Instagram account highlights toddler Matthew Chau, a super-cute tot who poses with all kinds of delectable eats—we’re talking cookies, ice cream, pizza, burgers and so much more. The snaps show Matthew either unknowingly napping near drool-worthy food or eagerly reaching for the deliciousness in focus.

Mike Chau, Matthew’s father, runs the insta-famous account (which boasts over 55K followers since its launch in 2014) when he’s not working as a software developer at Goldman Sachs.

As you’d expect with Instagram superstars, the toddler started getting recognized offline, about five or six months ago, his dad says.

With a growing group of fans and cool snapshots to back up Matthew’s cuteness, Chau reveals that their family regularly gets invited to restaurants in New York City to try out food for free. While that’s a majorly coveted perk (especially with the city’s skyrocketing restaurant prices), Chau considers meeting people to be the greatest upside.

“It gives us the chance to more easily interact with business owners and even fans that get excited to meet Matt and hear our story,” Chau exclusively tells PEOPLE. “We have made new friends purely through interactions on Instagram that have translated to meeting in person.”

As for the 1-year-old’s favorite foods, Chau says pasta, corn and fruits make up Matthew’s top three. And while, like any kid, Matthew enjoys getting his hands on chocolate and ice cream, he’s not the biggest fan of all the junk food.

“He’s honestly usually more interested in playing and running around than in eating the food,” says Chau.

Well, if that’s the case, we’d be happy to take those french fries off your hands, Matt!

—Grace Gavilanes

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