She is always extra, and now Tiffany Haddish is adding a little extra flavor to bland food

By Alexia Fernandez
March 09, 2018 09:29 PM
Tiffany Haddish
Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for BET

She is always extra, and now Tiffany Haddish is adding a little extra flavor to bland food.

The comedian shared a photo of a new Lawry’s seasoning featuring her name as the flavor. The 38-year-old actress couldn’t contain her excitement at seeing it, sharing the photo on Instagram on Friday.

“Ok so look what @lawrysseasoning did they made me my own label. #SHEREADY #Ellen #Lawrys#joyfulgreens,” Haddish wrote in the caption.

The seasoning was sent to Haddish by McCormick & Company as a thank you for being such a fan of their products, a spokesperson for Lawry’s tells PEOPLE.

Haddish met her idol, Oprah Winfrey, while on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and taught the mogul how to cook her “joyful greens.”

Haddish revealed that the secret ingredient is your attitude. “The key to making joyful greens is to be joyful, you gotta smile when you pick them,” she laughed. “You gotta be happy when you cooking them, washing them—all that.”

Mixed with the collard greens (from her own backyard) is apple cider vinegar, liquid smoke, seasoning salts, onion, pepper, and a special family spice concoction to add a kick.

While Haddish made some new friends with Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres, she’s also met Beyoncé while backstage after a JAY-Z concert. Haddish also recently divulged that she and Brad Pitt made a pact to hook up with one another if they were still single in one year.

“Oh, I just met him on the elevator, he said in one year if he’s single and I’m single we gonna do it, so you know what that means!” Haddish, 38, told Kelly Ripa backstage at the Oscars earlier this month.

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“But he do got seven kids, I don’t know if I could deal with a man that’s got that many kids,” Haddish added. (Pitt actually has six, with ex Angelina Jolie.)

Ripa went along, asking, “Why do you have to wait?”

“I don’t know, he told me to wait a year,” the actress said.

However, while the duo began playing a game of Marry, Date, Dash, the comedian revealed she would not marry Pitt.

“I would date Brad Pitt, marry George Clooney and I would ditch Javier [Bardem] because I don’t know who Javier is,” she said.