Tiffani Thiessen Reveals the Super-Healthy Meal She Eats 'Four to Five Times a Week'


Tiffani Thiessen is a creature of habit when it comes to her meal of choice.

“One thing I make four to five times a week is really beautiful fresh sautéed kale, which we grow, and a lovely fried egg on top on a really nice piece of whole grain toast with a little black pepper,” the host of Dinner at Tiffani’s, 41, tells PEOPLE. “It’s perfect.”

Another of her go-to meals is flatbread pizza – especially if she’s short on prep time.

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“Flatbread pizzas are really great because you can get the dough already done, or if you make it yourself, you can make it ahead, stick it in the freezer, and then take it out when you’re ready,” says Thiessen, who has created a series of Signature recipes with Albertsons and Safeway Stores’ Signature line.

“Those are really fast because you literally stick them on the grill, top it how you want, and stick it in the oven for a little bit and you’re done,” she continues. “That’s totally under 30 minutes. And they’re fun, especially for large groups – you can do many different types of pizzas.”

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The actress also shared what she considers her signature sandwich.

“If I go more nostalgic, it would be a really good classic grilled cheese sandwich with some caramelized onions,” she says. “If I’m going a little crazy, it would be a panini with very thinly sliced green apples, a little arugula, a little walnut oil, some turkey and some nice Brie. You’ve got a little sour, you’ve got a little sweet, a little savory. You’ve got it all!”

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Though her Mother’s Day plans aren’t finalized – “Sleeping in maybe! Putting my feet up…” – the mom to Harper, 5, and Holt, 9 months, says she wouldn’t mind doing the cooking for the day.

“Here’s the thing – I enjoy cooking,” she says. “It’s so funny, my husband always says, ‘Let’s not cook, I want you to relax.’ And I’m like, ‘But you don’t understand, I love to cook!’ As long as he does the dishes – which he always does!”

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