May 11, 2016 02:12 PM

Tiffani Thiessen and Mark-Paul Gosselaar still have that undeniable chemistry that made us root for their Saved by the Bell characters.

Although lovebirds Kelly and Zack ended up together on the ’90s series (yes!), the costars formed a fun, real-life friendship that can be seen on the season finale of Thiessen’s Cooking Channel show, Dinner at Tiffani’s (which airs May 11 at 8 p.m. EST).

This isn’t the first time Thiessen has welcomed former SBTB stars to her TV kitchen: Elizabeth Berkley, who played straight A-student Jessie Spano, appeared in an episode last March; and Mario Lopez, who acted as jock A.C. Slater, filmed a cooking segment in 2014.

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In these three clips from the show, the pals (in matching denim-on-denim!) and their spouses gather for dinner at the L.A. home Thiessen shares with her husband, Brady Quinn and kids Harper, 5 and Holt, 10 months.

“It’s nice to double date with another couple that have you children, they understand going out to eat is not as easy is having dinner at home,” says Thiessen in the clip. “We’re going to crack some lobster, eat a little sausage, have some clams, blueberry mojitos. We’re going to get wild – and the still be in bed by 9 o’clock.”

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Before they get to the meal, the foursome reminisce about how they met their spouses. Gosselaar met his wife Catriona McGinn — with whom he shares two small children (he also has a 10 and 12-year-old from a previous marriage) — through a mutual friend, although it wasn’t love at first site … at least on her end.

Cooking Channel

“It was almost like a blind date. [My friend said] do you remember this woman Catriona? I was, like, the tall blonde! Do I remember her?!” said the star. “And then she came in the door and I was like [nervously] ‘hey, good to see you again.'”

However, McGinn didn’t remember meeting him a year earlier at a party. “Because I’m not memorable, Tif,” Gosselaar jokingly explained to his friend. “It was an awkward moment.”

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Thiessen’s first date with her husband went more smoothly. “It was at a Moroccan restaurant. There were belly dancers and like eating with your hands,” she said.

“I heard it was romantic and I was trying to impress her,” Smith said with a laugh. It worked because Thiessen loved it. “The beauty of it was that it showed me how laid back and awesome she was – I mean she ate with her hands; it was great,” he said. “Then she laid one on me.”

Gosselaar and McGinn also shared (two!) kisses on their first date. “The second was a lot better,” Gosselaar said after explaining he asked his now wife if he could “do that again” after “he kind of screwed up” the first one.

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In the third clip, the couples can be seen enjoying the final course, Thiessen’s triple-layered Tri Berry Trifle. “This is the perfect dessert,” Gosselaar said. “Sweet but not too sweet. It’s delicious,” his wife agreed. “I think Brady is the luckiest man to have a wife that cooks like this. [Mark-Paul] is going to go home and be like why don’t you cook like this!”

At the end of the love-filled evening, Thiessen and Gosselaar each kissed and said, “I love you,” to their respective spouse. And, Smith perfectly summed up the night: “This is the sweetest date night I’ve ever been too.”

–Michelle Ward Trainor

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