This Woman Made an Impressive Cheese Board 30,000 Feet in the Air

She made the masterpiece while in a middle seat, too

That Cheese Plate
Photo: That Cheese Plate

Marissa Mullen just proved not all inflight snacks have to be boring.

The founder of the @ThatCheesePlate Instagram page knows a few things about making beautiful charcuterie boards, and now she’s taking her skills to new heights.

In a now-viral Instagram and Tik-Tok post, Mullen creates an extravagant cheese board on her flight, all from the middle seat. “How to enjoy a middle seat on an overnight 8-hour flight. #InflightCheesePlateChallenge,” she captioned the video.

“This is not my first airplane cheese plate rodeo,” says Mullen as she pulls a board and other impressive supplies out of her bag. Along with the cheese, she decks out her board with a salami “river”, blueberries, dried figs, crackers, pecans, cherry spread and sprigs of rosemary for garnish. The end result looks almost too pretty to eat.

While the person beside Mullen completely missed out on her cheese board making skills because they had an eye mask on, other people were super impressed. “You’ve legitimately inspired me to do this for my flight tonight!” one person commented. Another user commented, “I thought I was the only woman to pull cheese out of my purse on a plane honestly love this for us.”

The cheese plates Mullen makes while grounded are equally as impressive — and simple to make.

On her other account @CheeseByNumbers, Mullen breaks down each board into a step-by-step guide so you can make the most Instagrammable cheese boards at home. Charcuterie is one of the best thing to bring to a Galentine’s Day party or a Bachelor watch party, so head to her Instagram for endless inspiration.

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