The site nearly crashed thanks to a now-viral Tik Tok video
champagne cocktails

While people have been social distancing, virtual happy hours have become the new normal for friendly get togethers. Making classic, easy drinks is great, but let’s be real, you can only make yourself so many gin and tonics before you get sick of them. Luckily, this now-viral Tik Tok shows a solution for those who are looking to upgrade their typical drink of choice.

Tik Tok user Anika F, @arf400, brought this incredible cocktail making hack to center stage. “The best thing that’s happened to quarantine since Tiger King,” she captioned the video, which now has over 2 million likes.

In the video, she heads to Basically, you input all the spirits, wine, mixers, and any food items you currently have in your house (including chocolate and tabasco sauce) and then click the “magic button” to reveal every cocktail you can possibly create (out of 3500+ options) with the items you have, along with instructions on how to make them.
Credit: has blown up since the Tik Tok went viral, increasing traffic exponentially. This has caused the site to crash a few times, but the company assured users on Twitter that they’re working around the clock to fix the bug so everyone can go back to creating great cocktails without any glitches.

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