Take a Look at This Bright Pink, Dolly Parton-Inspired Rooftop Restaurant Now Open in Nashville

White Limozeen, atop the Graduate Hotel in Nashville, opened on Friday

White Limozeen
Photo: White Limozeen

White Limozeen, a brick-and-mortar love song to country music legend Dolly Parton, has now opened in Nashville after delays due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The rooftop bar and restaurant opened Friday on top of the Graduate Hotel in Music City. The space was inspired by Parton, featuring a chicken wire statue of the singer and decked out in multiple shades of pink. The name comes from Parton's 1989 album of the same name.

The Graduate Hotel opened in January 2020, and the restaurant was slated to open in March, but due to devastating tornadoes in the state followed by nationwide COVID-19 shutdowns, the opening was pushed back for multiple months.

White Limozeen
White Limozeen

The developer and operator of the restaurant, Marc Rose, says the new place is a mixture of glamour and approachability. "We wanted it to feel really approachable and really feasible for everyone to be there, everyone to have a good time, whether you're drinking a can of Natty Light, or you're ordering caviar," Rose told USA Today. "And if you order that caviar, we expect you to spill it on your shirt because you're having such a good time."

The decor includes varying shades of pink and flashy accents including Fuschia-crushed velvet chairs, crystal chandeliers, and plenty of tassels and fringe.

White Limozeen
White Limozeen

Hot pink, fringed umbrellas dot the roof deck and are appropriately spaced to ensure social distance measures that are mandated by the Nashville Metro Area are being followed. A few of the original plans shifted due to the pandemic — table-side salad bar carts are now sanitation stations and all surfaces are regularly disinfected, according to USA Today.

White Limozeen has already welcomed their first celebrity guest — Grammy-winner Maren Morris stopped by for brunch Saturday and shared her experience on social media.

"Social distancing & enjoying a gigantic Dolly Parton sculpture this beautiful Nashville Saturday 🌸💕," she captioned a photo of herself enjoying a cocktail.

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