May 03, 2016 12:35 PM

The Internet is, above all else, a place where people can find their niche.

Ed Sanborn’s niche is coleslaw.

The Massachusetts man started a Facebook page called Coleslaw Review with the goal of reviewing — you guessed it — coleslaw from, well, wherever, really. Sample reviews have included his local KFC and a hospital cafeteria.

“Coleslaw has been ignored for far too long,” the page proclaims. “No longer my friends. You now have a place to call home. No more hiding in the shadows.”

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Here’s a typical review: “For liquid content I give this coleslaw an 8. For the size of the vegetables I give this coleslaw a 7, some pieces of the carrot were just a bit too long! For the taste of the coleslaw I give it an 8. For the texture of the coleslaw I give it a 9. For presentation I give it a 7. For the vinegar portion I give it an 8. So the overall score of this coleslaw at my place of employment is a 7.8. I can honestly recommend you try this coleslaw.”

Just a few days ago, Coleslaw Review was looking at fewer than 100 “likes.” Now, thanks to Reddit, where Ed’s mission was posted recently, it’s up nearly 8,000 at the time of this writing.

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Ed’s trying to expand the Coleslaw Review’s reach, and is encouraging others to post their own reviews. His criteria is, to say the least, stringent. Below, the categories, which are graded on a 1-10 scale (edited for clarity).

1. Liquid content (Is it too watery, too dry, or just right?)

2. Size of vegetables (Are the shreddings too long or too short)

3. Taste (Does it taste good?)

4. Texture (Is the coleslaw of a good consistency?)

5. Presentation (Is the coleslaw slopping over the bowl or cup? Is it in a styrofoam cup? Or is it in a nice quality little bowl? If on the plate with the rest of your meal, does it look like it was slopped on with an ice cream scooper or did someone take care to place it next to the other foods on your plate with TLC?)

6. Vinegary (We like vinegar in coleslaw. So, besides taste … does it seem to have a good amount of vinegar in the coleslaw? We have found that a lot of places seem to be shy with the vinegar.)

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In Ed’s words, the page is #ColeslawStrong, and growing fast. Help him out. Help coleslaw out.

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