This Goldfish Commercial Drove People a Little Crazy During the Grammy Awards

Goldfish aired their iconic jingle in three 15-second spots during the 2022 Grammy Awards

Photo: Pepperidge Farm

A Goldfish commercial got on the nerves of some Grammy-watchers Sunday night.

In the commercial, which aired multiple times during the Grammy Awards, the company encourages viewers to write new lyrics to their iconic jingle.

"The Snack That Smiles Back. Hey That's One Catchy Track. You Can't Not Sing It Back. This Jingle Can Be Hacked. Just Tweet Some Words That Match. We Think You'll Catch On Fast," the commercial kicks off with text written across the screen.

Even with performances from Lady Gaga and Lil Nas X during the Grammys, Goldfish had viewers humming their tune instead. After the commercial aired in three 15-second spots, #Goldfish started trending on Twitter. Some Twitter users offered the company suggestions for its next jingle, while others aired their grievances with the ad.

Along with a photo of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars last month, one Twitter user wrote, "#GoldfishJingle the smack that smiles back."

"I don't know who thought of that little #GoldfishJingle thing but I've never been more tempted to attack my tv," another viewer wrote. "Nothing has brought me to this point before."

"Goldfish's 21-year-old jingle became that song at last night's Grammys when the brand tapped into music culture in a fun, playful way," a representative for the brand tells PEOPLE in a statement. "While there were some negative mentions, Goldfish saw overall positive sentiment across social channels," they added.

According to the company, within the last two years the popular Goldfish jingle was mentioned on Twitter 94,000 times and accumulated more than 5 million organic views on TikTok.

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