Sebastian and Josie Gonzalez's son Mason was named "Employee of the Year" during his party

By Morgan Raum
November 22, 2019 03:58 PM
Gonzalez Family

We know what the theme of our next birthday is going to be — Costco!

No, we aren’t kidding. And neither were Sebastian and Josie Gonzalez, who threw a Costco-themed party for their son Mason’s first birthday.

In an email to Insider, Josie explained her family’s obsession with the superstore. “Everywhere you look in our home you’ll find something from Costco.” She continued, “Dog food, baby formula, diapers, cleaning products, furniture, decor, shampoo and conditioner, toys … I could go on and on.”

So it only makes sense that Mason — who was crowned “Employee of the Year” during his party — join in on the fun.

Gonzalez Family

In addition to the posterboard, which documented the birthday boy in a series of 12 photos — one for each month of his life so far — there were also Costco-themed decorations including shirts, aprons, and name-tags, which were handed out at the beginning of the party.

Josie also photoshopped Mason’s birth certificate so that it looked like his middle name is Kirkland, the name of one of Costco’s signature lines.

Gonzalez Family

Most of the appetizers and food were also Costco groceries (of course) and there were display signs in front of each item in the same style as those in-store. Some were clearly jokes, like the meatball dish sign in honor of “their little meatball Mason,” which had height and weight properties that reflected those of 1-year-old.

There was also a sign for the family’s dog, Sampson, which noted that the Golden Retriever is 74-lbs. and “FREE.”

Gonzalez Family

Guests showed up in red, white, and blue Costco-themed outfits to celebrate the toddler’s birthday, while others showed up with Costco’s famous rotisserie chicken in tow.

“Usually it’s just our family and friends laughing over my husband’s insane obsession with Costco,” Josie told Delish. “It’s even more amusing to see all the articles that have been written now and all the additional people who are almost as obsessed as Sebastian!”

“So many people drinking the Costco Kool-aid!” she continued. “But to be fair, it’s obviously the best quality Kool-aid at the most affordable price because that’s the Costco way of life.”

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The news of the Costco party first made news after Josie shared photos on Reddit. She captioned the thread, “My son’s first birthday party was LIT.”

A lot of commenters agreed. One user wrote, “I love this! I’m a little obsessed with Costco. Such a fun theme.”

Another wrote, “This really is all out! Wow. 100% no judgement here, I need Costco in my life so this is purely curious- why? Like what was the thought process that led you to this? Does your little meatball love Costco?”

Josie also replied to one comment asking whether Mason had fun at his party, clarifying, “He did! He loved having so many people showering him with affection and dropping food. This goes for both the baby and the dog.”

Gonzalez Family

“Everything you could possibly need, as well as everything you absolutely don’t need, is at Costco,” Josie added to Insider of her love for the store. “And if I’m being honest, we buy it all.”