The latest colorful food trend is out of this world!

Move over original glazed!

Galaxy doughnuts (also referred to as “Nebula doughnuts”) are the new dessert leaving Instagram foodies starry-eyed and the rainbow bagel craze fading into black holes. The galaxy trend first took off a few years ago, with stardust and planets lighting up every garment at your nearest fashion retailer. But someone figured out the key to true success: Doughnuts make everything lightyears better.

A bit of finessing with food coloring and edible glitter make galaxy doughnuts almost as easy to whip up as they are to gobble up — which is likely why loads of people have fallen for the photogenic fried treats.

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“They are colourful, visually attractive, a little out of this world and the recipe is relatively easy to follow,” says Sam Murphy, an Instagrammer whose vegan doughnuts recipe has inspired other users to try their own versions.

The trickiest part of the prep is likely the icing: “It's about working with the appropriate colors and saturation of those colors,” she says. “It's very similar to painting.”

Simply disperse a few drops of different colored food dye into a bowl of white icing and swirl with a spoon or toothpick. Then dip the top of a store-bought doughnut (or homemade if you're feeling adventurous) into the icing and gently slide it out. Dust with edible glitter or confectioners' sugar to finish.

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Sweet tooth connoisseurs are also making space for the trend with other treats like cakes, cupcakes, cookies and even macaroons. Clearly no dessert is safe from the glittery, swirly-hued takeover.