The raw chicken cake may have gone too far.

By Mary Honkus
July 15, 2020 06:29 PM
croc cake
Credit: Tuba Geckil Red Rose Cake/Instagram

Let's be real, 2020 has felt like the twilight zone — and the latest viral trend has us questioning what is real and what is...cake.

Insanely realistic disguised cake videos have been popping up across the internet over the past week — from a Crocs cake, to an aloe plant cake, and even a raw chicken breast cake — the artists behind these confections have been taking it to the next level.

Tuba Geçkil of Red Rose Cake & Tuba Geçkil in Istanbul, Turkey is the mastermind behind many of these mindboggling creations. The bakery's Instagram is full of sculptures that are unbelievably made from cake.

See below for some of their wildest confections.

Grill Block Cake

This looks like the ideal summer dinner — with burgers, charred peppers, tomatoes, and french fries. But this savory grill board is actually a cake.

Toilet Paper Cake

You won't want to use this roll in the bathroom...

Coconut Cake

Geçkil didn't miss a single detail all the way down to the spindly coconut hairs.

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Coffee Cake

This takes coffee cake to a whole new level.

Raw Chicken Cake

Can't tell if this is gross or mesmerizing...grossly mesmerizing?

Aloe Plant Cake

This plant won't be able to help your sunburn, but it can satisfy your sweet tooth.

Soap Bar Cake

Don't forget to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds...but not with this because it is cake.

Pizza Cake

I don't know if I'd be overjoyed or disappointed slicing into a cake that I thought was pizza.

Crocs Cake

Imagine stepping into this thinking it was a shoe...and squishing a cake instead.