May 25, 2016 05:18 PM

Dylan’s Candy Bar is changing the confectionary game – again.


The sweets shop partnered with the Magic Candy Factory to bring the world’s first 3D candy printer to the United States.

“It’s so cool, and I think it’s just such a great way to take candy to a new level,” Dylan Lauren, the founder of Dylan’s Candy Bar, tells PEOPLE. “People come [here] expecting unique things, and this is the most unique candy product I’ve seen in the 14 years we’ve been open.”

So how does the machine work? Well, sort of like magic.  Customers can pick from over 100 candy shapes and characters, design their own or upload a picture to be candy-fied. The color, flavor combination and finishing spray (think edible glitter dust), are completely customizable.  Once you’ve selected your style, the gummy treats are then created in under five minutes.

WATCH THIS: Dylan Lauren Gives A Tasty Tour Of The 3D Candy Printer At Dylan’s Candy Bar

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“It really is limitless,” Melissa Snover, the Managing Director of Magic Candy Factory, tells PEOPLE. “Your imagination is the only thing that can limit what you can make. You can make gummy selfies!”

The 3D printers will be at Dylan’s Candy Bar locations in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Miami. Orders can also be placed online, and customers even get a time-lapse video of their sweets being made.

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“I’ve always loved unique innovations and merging art and pop culture with fashion and candy,” Lauren says. “Magic Candy Factory really answers that and it really gives the Dylan’s Candy Bar stores a Willy Wonka like experience.” The 3D candies cost $20, and made with  real fruit purees and extracts which are gluten and allergen free.

Check out the video above to see how the 3D candy is made!

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