The McRib Is Back! McDonald's Fan Favorite Sandwich Returns for 40th Anniversary

It's McRib season again at McDonald's, starting Nov. 1

mc rib
Photo: mcdonalds

Mark your calendars, the McRib sandwich is returning to McDonald's!

The legendary sandwich — filled with boneless pork coated in barbecue sauce, and topped with slivered onions and a tart dill pickles on a hoagie-style bun — will makes its triumphant return to participating locations of the popular restaurant chain nationwide beginning Nov. 1.

It's an especially special milestone this year, as the McRib celebrates its 40th anniversary.

The sandwich originally debuted in 1981 in Kansas City, Kansas, though wasn't an immediate success at first, oversold by the company's Chicken McNuggets which came out just three years earlier.

Still, the McRib earned a cult following over the years thanks to its limited edition runs. It particularly shot into the culture zeitgeist in the summer of 1994, when it was brought back in honor of the theatrical release of the live-action Flintstones film (starring John Goodman, Elizabeth Perkins, Rick Moranis, and Rosie O'Donnell).

The Flintstones (1994)
Universal Pictures

Proving to be the perfect prehistoric companion to the film, the McRib's popularity gave it a permanent spot on McDonald's menu throughout the '90s and early 2000s.

Overseas, it made appearances in Germany, New Zealand and France. And a McRib Jr. sandwich was even introduced.

McDonald's put the McRib on a "McRib Farewell Tour" in 2005 — though, much like Cher and KISS, repeated the tour every year for the next three years.


By 2012, the McRib was back in stores, but as always, only temporarily. The fast-food chain wound up keeping it off the menu for 8 long years, only bringing it back last December.

Now, it's McRib Season all over again, as fans call it. And those using the "McRib Locator" should be able to track its return to menus this November.

They can also order it through McDonald's App and McDelivery service, earning points and unlocking additional free menu items through MyMcDonald's Rewards program.

No word on when the sandwich will depart.

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