The Bachelor Wine Collection comes in three varieties: The Fantasy Suite, One on One, and, of course, The Final Rosé
ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" - Season 14
Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC via Getty

It’s common etiquette that the proper way to watch The Bachelor or The Bachelorette is accompanied by a large chalice of wine, getting progressively tipsier with the contestants until you’re crying right along with them in the back of that limo.

Well, now you can do it in a way that is officially sanctioned by the show. To celebrate the premiere of the 21st season on January 2nd, The Bachelor Wine Collection just launched with three varieties that will excite the palate of any true fan: The Fantasy Suite (Cabernet Sauvignon), One on One (Chardonnay), and, of course, The Final Rosé.

Credit: Bachelor Wines

The official website boasts that these “dramatic” wines “were crafted to take you on your own romantic journey as you experience every moment of love, every moment of heartbreak that is The Bachelor.” That is quite the promise.

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Though you can’t get your hands on them quite yet, the wines are currently available for pre-order at $15.95 each, to be shipped on December 14th. It’s the holiday gift that says “I will never judge your weeknight drinking habit.”