Texas Bakery 'Overwhelmed' with Support After Claiming They Lost 'a Large Order' Due to Pride-Themed Cookies

"My heart is heavy," the owner of Confections bakery wrote on Facebook after claiming they received a hateful message after posting a batch of rainbow heart cookies

Pride cookies
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A Texas bakery is "overwhelmed" with the support they have received from their community following backlash over their rainbow Pride cookies.

It all began when Confections, a bakery in Lufkin, Texas, shared a photo on Facebook displaying six heart-shaped sugar cookies with rainbow frosting. The caption read "More LOVE. Less hate. Happy Pride to all our LGBTQ friends! All lovers of cookies and happiness are welcome here."

However, the next day, Confections shared an update to their Facebook followers claiming that a customer cancelled an order of 5 dozen cookies due to the store's post.

"Today has been hard. Really hard," the post read. "We lost a significant amount of followers because of a rainbow heart cookie we posted. We received a very hateful message on our business page canceling a large order (5dz) of summer themed cookies for tomorrow morning (that we just finished decorating) because of a rainbow heart cookie we posted. My heart is heavy."

The post continued: "Honestly I never thought a post that literally said more love less hate would result in this kind of backlash to a very small business that is struggling to stay afloat and spread a little cheer through baked goods. So. If you love our cookies we will have an over abundance of them tomorrow. Hopefully tomorrow will be better."

And better it was. Confections shared on Facebook that they would be selling all of the cookies from the canceled order individually for $3 a piece. That day, the line wrapped around the building. The bakery sold out of all of their products and had to close an hour early. When all of the baked goods were gone, customers reportedly began offering to donate money.

However, Confections claimed on Facebook they would not be accepting donations and instead would rather the money go toward one of three local animal rescues in their communities.

"We are overwhelmed by all the sweet words of support posted, messaged and emailed," a post on Friday read. "There are so many it may take us a while to get through them all. Tears of joy ran down my face as I read through them. Thank you so much to all our new followers, 2,500 of y'all!!"

Then on Saturday, Confections reopened and sold out again.

"All this attention on our small business is very humbling," a Facebook post read. "Makes me nervous! Those who know me (Dawn) know how shy I am. In the 11 years we've been open we've never seen anything quite like this. We (my sister and co-owner Miranda and our fabulous baker Felicia) are just so humbled and grateful and moved by this outpouring of love."

On Tuesday, Confections shared one more update reaffirming their stance and message behind their family-owned bakery, writing: "We are so grateful for the many messages of love and acceptance we have received; they far outweigh the negative, hurtful and hateful. We want this to be a positive place. We will not accept hate or be bullied with lies. I know what is in my heart and I know what is in my sweet sister's heart. We just want to make our cookies. We just want people to be happy in our shop surrounded by our cookies that are made with LOVE. We want people who receive our cookies to be happy. Thank you."

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