Are Taylor Swift and Starbucks Teaming Up? Here's Everything We Know

Starbucks sparked rumors of a collaboration with Taylor Swift when they tweeted, "It's Red Season."

Photo: Taylor Swift/Instagram; Starbucks

This was the moment fans knew something was up with Taylor Swift and Starbucks.

The coffee giant sent the internet abuzz on Monday when they tweeted, "It's Red Season. ☕️✨🧣❤️" — a statement that Taylor Nation, knowing the singer's love for a good Easter egg, assumed could have something to do with the release of her upcoming Red (Taylor's Version) album.

In follow-up tweets, Starbucks insisted they are simply referencing the return of their holiday red cups and seasonal beverages.

But multiple sources have since claimed that "Taylor's drink," a grande caramel nonfat latte, will be available at Starbucks on Friday, the same day Swift's Red re-release hits stores.

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One fan account, the Swift Society, posted a look at a newsletter that reportedly went out to baristas ahead of the collaboration. It notes that in addition to the drink, Starbucks stores will be playing Swift's music on Friday, and the drink labels will read "(Tay's)."

Deux Moi, a celebrity gossip Instagram account, also posted an anonymous tip claiming customers can order Swift's favorite caramel beverage by asking for "Taylor's drink."

A representative for Starbucks did not confirm or deny the collaboration in a cheeky statement to PEOPLE.

"From Starbucks red cups to the upcoming release of Red (Taylor's Version), its officially red season! ‍🔥❤️" they said. "We do not have anything more to share."

Starbucks' social media account, however, had some more fun with their hints. In a reply tweet, they made a reference only a mega Swift fan would catch.

"This is not a valid Starbucks offer, and this screenshot is fake. To confirm any Starbucks promotion, you can check your Starbucks app, reach out to our customer care line, or ask your Starbucks barista," one person wrote to Starbucks.

"Did we ask? We're just over here minding our own business," the Starbucks account replied.

The interaction was recreating a tweet from 2019, when Swift had released Me!, and a fan account claimed you could receive a free Starbucks drink for streaming the song.


Earlier this year, Swift made her love for Starbucks known in a video dedicated to all things fall.

"This is a video reenactment of my Tumblr post about fall," Swift said in a voiceover. "And hats and scarves and knee socks and wearing tights for the first time in months and when the mornings are all chilly and you can see your breath, and draw little pictures on foggy windows and plaid stuff and ankle boots. And not caring when people make fun of pumpkin-flavored stuff cause you love it and are happy it's all the rage, and people who dress their dogs in costumes on Halloween and fires in fireplaces and maroon, hunter green, mustard yellow color combos."

In addition to her album, Swift will also release a short film for "All Too Well" on Friday. Last week, the 31-year-old singer made a surprise announcement that she would be releasing visuals for the 10-minute version of her hit breakup ballad.

Swift then confirmed the short film would include quite a few Easter eggs in a comment on a fan's TikTok video which noted that the car in the clip was made in 1989 (the year, you may recall, after which she named her Grammy-winning fifth studio album).

"Can't stop won't stop being cryptic and weird," Swift wrote alongside four laughing emojis, "that's just the beginning it's gonna be a fun week."

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