This Meryl Streep Food Mashup Instagram Is the Best Thing You'll See All Day

Finally, our love for Meryl Streep and food have come together in one glorious Instagram account.

The three-week-old account Taste of Streep brilliantly superimposes the actress onto food photos that match her outfits in an almost unbelievably way, “because what more could you want,” reads their bio.

Whether she’s bathing in a bowl of mac and cheese, or looking oh-so-chic on top of a frosted Pop Tart, Meryl slays.

And the unnamed Instagram creator doesn’t discriminate against age—there’s young Meryl, modern day Meryl, red carpet Meryl and Meryl in character.

The account isn’t the first to combine star power with food porn, of course. In November, baker Joy Wilson started posting her beautiful cake creations topped with Drake song lyrics.

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But with over 4,000 followers, the Meryl memes have even grabbed the attention of celebrities themselves.

“@tasteofstreep is the best thing that has ever happened to Instagram,” Aaron Paul‘s wife and activist Lauren Paul captioned a photo of Streep in Bloody Mary form. “What a gift.”

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What a gift indeed.

—Ana Calderone, @anacalderone

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