The country music icon stars in the liquor company's new campaign alongside a beautiful Friesian horse

Tanya Tucker is a sucker for a good tequila!

When life handed the country music icon some limes and presented her with the opportunity to be the face of Cosa Salvaje, the new tequila founded by Elle France, she jumped at the opportunity.

“I’m so thankful because I want to love something that I’m a partner in,” she tells PEOPLE. “It’s very, very smooth and I’ve introduced it to people who don’t even drink tequila, and now they drink it.”

“I’ve had some friends that drink vodka and now they’re on the tequila,” she says of the silver spirit, which retails for under $50. “I try every tequila I can and I’ve done several blind tastes with my friends and every time mine has won — every time.”

Credit: Steven Lyon

Other than its 100 percent pure blue agave ingredient, there was something even more natural about the partnership. Cosa Salvaje — translating to “wild thing” in Spanish — ironically complemented the “Delta Dawn” singer’s wild, mischievous personality.

“Elle and I were discussing how perfect it is because that’s what everyone thinks of me as,” she laughs. “It was a totally meant to be deal.”

Tanya Tucker

Feeling fortunate that one dream led her to the next, Tucker utilized her equestrian skills to capture a breathtaking moment for the company’s campaign photos. The shoot, a metaphor for the tequila’s suave taste, took place in Malibu, California, and featured a majestic Friesian horse — an experience Tucker calls “a 25-year dream come true.”

“Years ago, when I lived in Malibu, I saw this picture at a horse equestrian shop of these Friesian horses in the ocean with their hair flying up, and I said, ‘I have to have a picture like that someday,'” recalls Tucker — whose hair is currently pink in support of a friend battling breast cancer. “When I went to Mexico to study in Sayulita, I fell in love with a dancing Friesian stallion named El Diablo down there at a ranch. I saddled up and fell in love.”

Tanya Tucker

“I’ve always wanted that picture and when the tequila thing came in, I knew that was the picture that had to be on my bottle,” she continues. “I was out in L.A. doing my record and reminded my friend Norman that I wanted to do that picture and asked if he could find me the horse, and I be danged, but he found me the horse. It was a dream come true for me.”

Much like her unique campaign for the tequila, Tucker strays away from the norm when drinking it—substituting the typical lime and salt combination for a different citrus.

“I’ve got a new thing where I use ruby red grapefruits from Texas — or there’s a Japanese grapefruit that’s incredible. I cut it up, get the meat out and put all the fresh grapefruit in the bottle with a little fresh grapefruit juice and then it’s all mixed and I’ve got the whole bottle ready to go,” she says, revealing her favorite cocktail. “I’ll use anything but lime; I don’t like lime in my tequila.”

But, all in all, she’s actually more of a shot kind of girl anyway.

“I’m not one to sit around and drink all day,” she says. “I’ll have a couple shots of tequila, and maybe later on throw in a Dr Pepper and then another shot of tequila.”

Tanya Tucker
| Credit: Steven Lyon

Between balancing a rising liquor brand and hitting the studio to record new music, which is expected to drop later this year, Tucker appreciates the moments where she can pump the brakes on a busy life.

“There’s nothing better than going out and taking my horse for a ride,” she says, “and just being around good friends and good music.”