Ray has been cooking from her Lake Luzerne, New York home during the coronavirus pandemic

By Mary Honkus
April 24, 2020 01:34 PM

This is where all the food magic happens!

Rachael Ray has been providing fans with simple recipes and helpful tips for cooking from home on her Instagram and the Rachael Ray Show while quarantining in her Lake Luzerne, New York home with her husband, John Cusimano. Now, she’s giving fans a closer look at her cooking space with an in-depth tour of her dreamy kitchen.

“I drew this house on a piece of paper and decorated it before it was ever built,” says Ray, 51. The result is a beautiful, cozy kitchen that allows her to cook with ease.

Wooden elements are featured throughout — including a long farm table in front that is used mainly for prep work, she says, and an island made with butcher block so Ray can chop anywhere, no cutting board required.

Rachael Ray/YouTube
Rachael Ray/YouTube

Ray’s two favorite appliances would make anyone swoon: the six-burner gas stove and wood-fired pizza oven. “Those are my treasures,” she says. “John got a music studio, I got a stove and the pizza oven,” she chuckles.

Rachael Ray/YouTube
Rachael Ray/YouTube

Ray moves on to show us her indoor herb garden, where she grows basil, thyme and other fresh herbs. “It’s still freezing in Upstate New York, so all of our herbs right now are growing on the counter,” she says. Beside the garden is John’s “baby,” according to Ray: a commercial dishwasher that cleans in just 90 seconds.

Rachael Ray/YouTube

The space is also decorated with a variety of art pieces and photographs gifted to Ray by close family friends. Included on the wall is a painting of a donkey, which holds special meaning to Ray. “My mom’s last name is Scuderi, which means donkey cart.”

The final spot of the tour is the massive pantry filled to the brim with cookware, spices, and olive oils, just to name a few items. The space may appear cluttered, but Ray assures she knows where everything is. “It’s daunting, but I understand it,” she jokes. “It’s like a desk with too many papers for some people, but they know where everything is.”

Cusimano chimes in saying, “I love when you’re like, ‘Hun, get me the chili powder!’ and I look at this and I just collapse on the ground.”

Rachael Ray/YouTube

To see the full tour, watch the video above.