Taco Bell Pinata

The world of fast food secret menus just got a new star.

Move over, Quesatrito, a writer from Fast Company just created the new ultimate fast food marvel. Mark Wilson paid a visit to the Innovation Kitchen at Taco Bell headquarters in Irvine, California and came up with his signature dish. Wilson’s goal? Use every ingredient available in the Taco Bell kitchen in just one dish.

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How’d it turn out? Well, according to the employee taste panel and a couple of actual customers at a local Taco Bell restaurant, pretty well! Wilson named his creation “The Piñata.” It’s basically a overstuffed quesadilla, and each slice has a whole taco inside.

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You probably won’t be seeing this on your local restaurant menu any time soon. Not only would it be expensive, but it would be time-consuming to make — the opposite of fast food. But, it’s fun to dream.

If you could come up with your own fast food menu item, what would it be?

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—Kristin Appenbrink