This is the second time this month the spicy stuff has saved a life.

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Credit: Joshua Blanchard/Getty

“Hot sauce” hasn’t always been synonymous with “life saver,” but that may soon change.

A Florida news outlet is reporting that Taco Bell hot sauce has once again saved another American life. (We knew it was good, but we didn’t know it was that good.)

Earlier this month, an Oregon man who was trapped in his car for five days during a snowstorm survived on just three packets of Taco Bell hot sauce. “Taco Bell fire sauce saves lives,” the man wrote in response to comments on Facebook when he returned home safe and sound.

When Taco Bell heard the news, they quickly gifted him a year’s worth of free Taco Bell—and as much hot sauce as he could ever want to go with it.

Now, WTSP Tampa is reporting that Taco Bell hot sauce saved another man’s life in Winter Haven, Florida, but not because he had nothing else to eat. A car reportedly drove through a Taco Bell store wall on Saturday and smashed right into the table that the man had been sitting just seconds before he got up to grab some hot sauce.

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Winter Haven police told WTSP that the car driver, 77-year old Emmanuel Akowuah, and his wife were parked in front of the Taco Bell before the crash. Akowuah thought he was in reverse but was actually in drive when he accelerated the car.

Officers say no one was hurt in the crash, though the Taco Bell building suffered significant damage.