The Enchirito is Back! Taco Bell Fans Choose Discontinued Menu Item to Return After Nearly 10 Years

After voting on the Taco Bell app, fans have chosen The Enchirito to return to the menu for a limited time over the Double Decker Taco

Taco Bell
Photo: Joshua Blanchard/Getty

Taco Bell is bringing back a fan favorite!

After a voting period where fast food fans could choose between the Double Decker Taco or the Enchirito, the burrito-and-enchilada-combo reigned supreme with more than 62 percent of the votes, the fast food chain announced Friday.

But Enchirito fans better move fast. The limited-time offer is, indeed, limited — available on the menu Nov. 17-30. Fans can order the meal online, through the app or via in-store kiosks nationwide.

Although it debuted on the menu in the '70s, Taco Bell discontinued the Enchirito in 2013. It seems the beef, bean and onion filling wrapped in a flour tortilla — which is coated in sauce and melted cheddar cheese — has stayed fresh on the minds of fast food customers, though. Fans cast more than 760,000 votes, Taco Bell reported.

"This one's all you, #TeamEnchirito. The Enchirito™ will be back for a limited time starting 11/17," the chain shared on social media.

And fans on Twitter are gearing up. One customer responded by saying: "My prayers have been answered. This was my very favorite thing on the menu."

Not everyone was pleased, with others on Twitter demanding the return of different menu items.

One thing Taco Bell can be sure of, they have passionate customers. Just last month, the popular Mexican Pizza was added back to the regular menu, with Taco Bell saying in a letter: "We knew you loved the Mexican Pizza. We just didn't know how many of you loved the Mexican Pizza."

According to USA Today, Taco Bell first removed the item in 2020 as the company began "streamlining our menu" to "provide a more efficient restaurant experience."

But after fans' outcry, the restaurant added the item back to the menu in May 2022.

The longtime favorite — which is made up of beef, refried beans, tortillas, cheese, diced tomatoes, and a "Mexican Pizza sauce" — returned Sept. 15.

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