Taco Bell Is Testing Burritos That Are Stuffed with Cheetos

Taco Bell - Cheetos Burrito

Another day, another gloriously decadent creation from Taco Bell.

Starting in August, the fast food chain has confirmed it will start testing Cheetos Burritos in certain locations across in U.S. What is a Cheetos burrito, you ask? Well, it’s a burrito with literal Cheetos stuffed inside of it…duh.

While this may seem excessive and unnecessary, we dare to posit that the addition actually provides a very important function. Taco Bell burritos, while beautiful just the way they are, do generally have one flaw: the lack of texture. Beef, beans, cheese, tortilla…all good things, but where’s the crunch? That’s where the Cheetos come in.

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This is not the first time that Tex-Mex chain has combined our guilty snacking habit with our guilty fast food habit. In March, they introduced Cheetos-stuffed Crunchwraps (which does seem egregious, given that Crunchwraps are already, well, crunchy). Then there were the Fritos tacos of 2015. And, of course, there’s the golden child of the menu, the Doritos Locos taco.

The best part about this whole situation, though? They’re only going to cost $1. Yeah…dangerous.

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