Even Sly loves a slice or two

By Alexia Fernandez
May 03, 2017 07:26 PM
Sly Stallone/Instagram

Who said eating pizza was a bad thing?

Sylvester Stallone sung the praises of everyone’s favorite food in an Instagram post on Wednesday.

“With my good friend Richie Palmer who owns the famous MULBERRY STREET PIZZA Restaurants, In Los Angeles and Beverly Hills,” Stallone, 70, wrote. “Great food! This is an example that eating his pizza is a pretty good habit!”

The Creed actor works hard for the body he has, even joining his daughter Sophia recently for pilates and being “stunned” by the brutal workout.

“I gotta admit that was brutal,” the actor said in a video on Instagram, his daughter by his side. “For anyone who has never tried pilates, the name sounds cute but it ain’t cute! It’s tough. Oh my God.”

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After a couple of seconds of staring at the camera, Stallone laughingly says, “I think I’m gonna go home and get sick!”

Working out may be brutal, but for Sly, it may all be worth it for a slice.