Maybe you're cheering for the Seahawks. Maybe you're cheering for the Broncos. Maybe you don't know football from foosball. It doesn't matter. Why? These football-shaped snacks are so cute/clever/compliment-worthy, you're going to hop on the Super Bowl party bandwagon just to show them off.

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Updated December 08, 2020 11:43 AM

Maybe you’re cheering for the Seattle Seahawks. Maybe you’re cheering for the Denver Broncos. Maybe you don’t know football from foosball. It doesn’t matter.

Why? These football-shaped snacks are so cute, clever and completely compliment-worthy, that you’re going to hop on the Super Bowl party bandwagon just to show them off.

We fielded a team of talented food bloggers to share nine themed ideas and recipes, from ball-like deviled eggs to cheese laces on a chili football. Just one question: Is it a trick play when you impress people with something that’s really easy to make?

These salty snacks take just 10 minutes to make, says Ali Ebright of food blog Gimme Some Oven. The laces on the cheddar “footballs” are piped ranch dressing—crafty and delicious.

Genius: Soak peeled hard-boiled eggs in a mixture of hot water and brown food coloring and they’ll turn the perfect football shade. But who wants to serve just hard-boiled eggs on Super Bowl Sunday? That’s why blogger Kim Wilson of Sand & Sisal sliced her eggs in half, whipped the yolks with mayo, mustard, bacon and cheddar, and—like the Humpty Dumpty of game-day apps—put them back together again.

“I love this cupcake recipe as it always turns out so light and airy—also it only uses one bowl, which is always good for non-dishwasher-possesing people like myself,” writes Audra Fullerton of The Baker Chick. Plus, how can anyone resist that frosting?

What you don’t see about this bacon-covered cheese ball: The cream cheese underneath is rolled with diced ham, cheddar cheese and green onions. “Are you ready for some football?” Catherine Davis of blog Food Family & Finds writes. Yes, we are!

Get the Recipe: Cheese (Foot) Ball

An oval loaf becomes a football bread bowl in the hands of Jeanne Benedict, the host of theme-party show Weekend Entertaining on the DIY Network. The chili recipe won a chili championship in 2011, and the peppers surrounding the bread bowl are no joke—this one’s for spicy food lovers only!

Get the Recipe: Chili in Football Bread

Food blogger Jackie Dodd of Domestic Fits has smart advice on making these strawberry footballs: Melt your chocolate in a coffee mug, which is the perfect depth for dipping the fruit. Do these count as healthy?

Stella Parks, named one of America’s best new pastry chefs by Food & Wine in 2012, played around with “three or four batches” of these tarts for her and photographer Rosco Weber’s blog, BraveTart. The result is stunning, sugary medley of passion fruit, green tea and chocolate.

Get the Recipe: Matcha Passion Fruit Bars

You could fill a football-shaped sandwich with anything, but we’re following this recipe from Kathy Strahs of food blog Panini Happy. Who can resist pastrami with sharp cheddar, sweet Italian peppers and zesty horseradish sauce? Plus, the pumpernickel she used is the ideal pigskin shade.

No perfectionists allowed in the kitchen when making these chocolate rice cereal footballs: “Since the treats are pretty uneven, don’t be upset if your details and laces are uneven also,” writes Cheryl Spangenberg of blog That’s What Che Said. People will like them no matter what, we promise.

Get the Recipe: Football Rice Cereal Treats

—Marissa Conrad

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