Pete Davidson Eats a Jon Hamm and Brie Larson Sandwich in Hellmann's Super Bowl Commercial

The mayonnaise brand's 2023 Super Bowl commercial is star-studded

There's nothing quite like a ham and brie sandwich!

On Monday, Hellmann's dropped their 2023 Super Bowl commercial and revealed that Pete Davidson joins Jon Hamm and Brie Larson during the spot. In the full ad above, the actors play out a ham brie panini-themed skit in a play on both of their names.

At the start of the clip, mini Hamm bumps into a jar of Hellmann's mayonnaise inside a refrigerator. "Jon?" Larson asks. "Brie?" he responds. "Any idea why we are in a fridge?"

The Captain Marvel star tries to solve the mystery. "Well, I'm Brie," she says to which he responds. "And I'm Jon." A frustrated Larson explains, "I know, but you're Jon who?"

"Jon Hamm," he says.

She responds: "So we're Brie and…" Hamm enthusiastically interjects. "Brie and Hamm! Ham and brie, I get it. And Hellmann's!"

After Hamm gestures to the giant Hellmann's jar, Larson says nervously, "We're dinner."

But the Mad Men star is a bit more optimistic. "With Hellmann's, all these leftovers can be anything," he says, pointing to various produce.

Brie Larson, John Hamm, and Pete Davidson Hellmann's Super Bowl Commercial

As the tiny versions of the actors stand inside the refrigerator, the door begins to open. "Is that Pete Davidson?" says Hamm. "He really is everywhere."

Sure enough, the Saturday Night Live star is now seen towering over his fellow actors. "I'm gonna eat you guys," he says. The screen cuts to a panini maker crafting a mayo-coated sandwich. Once the "Hamm and Brie" panini is done, viewers can see Hamm and Larson, now outside the fridge, standing across from Davidson, who takes a crunchy bite out of the panini.

"You guys are really delicious," he says with his mouth full. Adds Hamm: "That's weird."

Brie Larson, John Hamm, and Pete Davidson Hellmann's Super Bowl Commercial

The playful clip inside Davidson's refrigerator, "encourages viewers to get creative in the kitchen with ingredients found in their fridges and 'Make Taste, Not Waste,'" per a release.

The Hellmann's commercial will be aired during Super Bowl LVII, which takes place on Feb. 12 at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

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