Pete Davidson Admits He's 'Very Hittable' After He's Tackled in Hellmann's Super Bowl Commercial

Hellmann's 2022 Super Bowl commercial features Pete Davidson, his mom Amy Davidson, and legendary linebacker turned professional football coach Jerod Mayo

Pete Davidson is helping Hellmann's tackle food waste.

The Saturday Night Live comedian appears in the condiment brand's 2022 Super Bowl commercial, which is aimed at driving awareness around the issue of wasted food at home by reminding viewers to tackle those leftovers and "make taste, not waste."

"It was the coolest, I can't believe that I got to be in it," Davidson exclusively tells PEOPLE (The TV Show!) host Kay Adams of the ad. "Hellman's whole thing is, 'We're encouraging people to not waste food at home and use it in other aspects.' And we don't [waste food] at the Davidson household, you'll see."

A 60-second version of the spot dropped online on Monday, though a 30-second version is set to premiere during the 4th quarter of the Big Game on Feb. 13.

In the extended clip, Hellmann's calls on legendary Patriots linebacker and Super Bowl champion turned professional football coach Jerod Mayo to literally tackle those throwing out usable food in their kitchens, as part of the "MAYO x MAYO Food Waste Tackling Team." One by one, Mayo jumps on unsuspecting folks just as they're about to put their food in the garbage.

"You could make grilled cheese with that bread," he tells one, adding to another, "Not on my watch! You could make potato salad!"

"Don't throw away that spinach," Mayo yells as one man. "You can make a frittata!"

Hellmann's new Super Bowl commercial with Pete Davidson

By the time he gets to Davidson, Mayo is on a roll. But before he has a chance to jump on the King of Staten Island star, Davidson stops him. "Whoa whoa, mom's already tackling food waste, Mayo," Davidson says — pointing to his mom Amy, who appears with him in the spot.

Mayo backs off, but then decides to tackle Davidson anyway. "Sorry man, I had to," Mayo says — a point which Davidson appears to understand.

"I get it," he tells the NFL star. "I'm very hittable."

Hellmann's new Super Bowl commercial with Pete Davidson

Hellmann's isn't just using its Super Bowl commercial to talk about food waste. The company has also launched Fridge Night, a four-week program built to help educate people on how they can change their behavior and reduce the problem. (Approximately 40% of all food in the U.S. is wasted each year and approximately 40% of that food waste happens at home, Hellmann's says in a press release.)

Offered as a free app available for download in iOS and Android app stores, the Fridge Night program is designed to inspire and guide people on how they can be more resourceful with food at home and provides tangible solutions such as "Flexipes" — flexible recipes to turn left-behind ingredients into easy-to-prepare meals.

Chantel Mayo, Jerod Mayo's wife, and recipe creator and chef Andy Hay serve as hosts to help incentivize users to think about meal creation differently.

Food waste is a global problem, with the United Nations setting a sustainable development goal of reducing food waste by 50 percent over the next eight years. In that effort, Hellmann's is working with Harvard Law School's Food Law and Policy Clinic to help enact policy change at a federal level, including legislative policy for the standardization and clarity of food date labels (which they call "one of the most common drivers of at-home waste").

The brand hopes to "inspire and enable 100 million people around the world every year to be more resourceful with their food, so they waste less," they said.

They're also providing 500,000 meals to Feeding America, and for each and every in-game tackle and defensive sack that occurs during Super Bowl LVI, Hellmann's parent company Unilever will donate an additional 5,000 meals with the hope of doubling the amount and providing a total of 1 million meals.

Hellmann's new Super Bowl commercial with Pete Davidson

Super Bowl LVI will see Los Angeles Rams face off against the Cincinnati Bengals. The game marks the Bengals' first time playing in the Super Bowl in more than 30 years, while the Rams were last in it in 2019.

Davidson will be watching. "We're going to do a close friends, just hang out, watch the Super Bowl situation," he tells PEOPLE (The TV Show!). "We didn't really do that last year, it was kind of a weird time. So, I'm really looking forward to being able to hang and just watch."

Being at home is a better experience for Davidson than being at the Big Game in person. "I went to the Super Bowl once," Davidson recalls. "I think it was the Patriots/Eagles, and it was a lot. There's a lot of stuff going went on, and it's hard to enjoy the game. I hate to be that old guy that's, 'I just want to watch the game,' but it's like a spectacle, and there's so much stuff going on. So for that type of a game, I'd like to be at home. Just chill."

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It'll be extra "exciting" for Davidson, he says, because he's rooting for a specific team. "I really want the Bengals to win because I love underdogs, so I'm pumped," he says, giving a special shout-out to Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow. "I'm a big Burrow fan. That guy's hysterical. ... He's just so cool. He's effortlessly cool. It's really frustrating as a guy. You're, 'Goddamn, that guy's so cool!' .... and funny and endearing. I think everybody's really pulling for him. ... I hope they win!"

Still, if the Rams take it, Davidson will be just as happy, especially for Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford. Says Davidson, "Stafford's a stud and he's been forever. And it would be nice for him to win as well. So either way, it's a nice Super Bowl."

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