Charlie Sheen has only one line in Planters' first-ever Super Bowl ad, but it's a funny one

“And people think I’m nuts.”

It’s Charlie Sheen’s only line in Planters’ first-ever Super Bowl ad, but it’s a funny one.

The 53-year-old actor — who recently celebrated one year of sobriety after a tumultuous period in his professional and personal lives — pokes fun at himself in the 30-second spot, which also features previously announced star Alex Rodriguez and Mr. Peanut.

In the ad, airing during the second quarter of the Super Bowl this Sunday, Feb. 3 and previewed above, Mr. Peanut goes on a wild ride in the Planters NUTmobile, en route to a party to save Rodriguez from snacking on kale chips. As he delivers some Deluxe Mixed Nuts just in time, Mötley Crüe’s “Kickstart My Heart” blasts in the background.

A poster for Planters’ first-ever Super Bowl ad
| Credit: Vayner Media

“Some may think it’s nuts for me to be in this amazing ad with Mr. Peanut,” Sheen said in a release. “Having been described as salty over the years, I’m genuinely thrilled to be in the mix.”

Rodriguez echoed that last sentiment in a recent PEOPLE interview, calling his appearance in the Super Bowl ad “a dream come true. I’ve never been in a Super Bowl ad, and I sort of dreamed about it, but I never dreamed this high.”

Nerves are kicking in for the former baseball star, though.

“Knowing you’ll have 100-plus million people watching will be pretty intense,” he shared. “And I think you can guarantee my daughters will be teasing Daddy,” he added of Ella, 10, and Natasha, 14. “This one has a lot to tease me about.”