Elizabeth LaBau of the blog SugarHero says Food Network made a video strikingly similar to her own

By Liam Berry Jessica Fecteau
June 05, 2017 05:58 PM
Sugarhero.com/Elizabeth Labau

Food Network might be in hot water over an alleged “shot-for-shot” remake of a food blogger’s how-to video.

Elizabeth LaBau, of the Salt Lake City-based food blog SugarHero, first created gelatin “snow globe” cupcakes with snowmen figurines inside in December 2014. The video, which went viral and reportedly tripled LaBau’s site income, suddenly became what she called her “signature recipe.”

Now the blogger alleges that the Food Network, which posted a similar video three weeks later, stole her idea. According to the Washington Post, she filed a lawsuit in federal court in California, seeking $150,000 in damages for the violation and the emotional toll she has endured throughout the ordeal.

LaBau claims that Food Network refused to take the video down or even credit her for the recipe, and that the incident has caused her “severe distress.”

“The time commitment of recipe development and the cost of ingredients, coupled with the time cost of photographing and videoing the cupcakes, was a substantial investment for Plaintiff, an individual who runs a website based solely on her own work,” the lawsuit states.

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Food Network’s version (below), LaBau says, is a “shot-for-shot” remake of her own. Even things like the lighting, camera angles, recipe text and colors used in the video bear striking similarity to her own, she insists.

Labau’s blog has a substantial following with millions of views on its video and nearly 250,000 likes on Facebook. It was also named “Best Baking Blog” in 2015 by Better Homes and Gardens.

Food Network has declined to comment.