They say history repeats itself, and such is the case at Subway, unfortunately.

By Shay Spence
September 11, 2018 04:50 PM
Subway Antibiotics, New York, USA
Credit: Seth Wenig/AP/REX/Shutterstock

They say history repeats itself, and such is the case at Subway, unfortunately.

The famous $5 footlong deal, which became an instant fan-favorite when it was introduced in 2008 (in no small part due to that aggravatingly catchy jingle), will no longer be available at all locations nationwide, the company’s CEO Trevor Haynes told USA Today.

Instead, he will allow franchisees—many of whom have complained that the deal is not economically viable in 2018—to decide whether or not to continue with it.

“How do we help our franchises with more of a regional value message, so they’re able to (have) a value proposition that fits with their economic model,” Haynes said. “If you look at California, there’s a very different cost of business than in Arkansas.”

The promotion had previously ceased in 2016 when they increased the price to $6, much to the ire of customers. It returned to its original $5 price in January of 2018.

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This back-and-forth draws similarities the ongoing saga of the McDonald’s dollar menu, which was discontinued in 2014 due to complaints of losses from franchise owners, but returned earlier this year.

In the same USA Today interview, Haynes assured that there would be other deals in stores across the country, like the $3.99 6-inch sub available in the San Francisco area. “Affordable food is what we’ve always stood for,” Haynes said. “It’s not just about one price point.”