One person has been sent to the hospital after swallowing the needle.

By Jessica Fecteau
September 13, 2018 03:40 PM
Joshua Gane/Facebook

Consumers in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria are being urged to not eat recently purchased strawberries due to possible contamination.

Dr. Jeannette Young, Queensland chief health officer, says three people have come forward, reporting to the police that they have found a needle in their strawberry.

According to one Facebook user named Joshua Gane, his friend swallowed the needle and is currently seeking treatment after experiencing abdominal pain.

While it remains unclear who is responsible for the “deliberate” act, according to police, the Queensland Strawberry Growers Association suspects a former employee committed the crime on a farm in southeast Queensland.

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People who have purchased those brand of strawberries in these regions should dispose or return the products, or simply cut the strawberry in half before eating, says the Queensland Strawberry Growers Association’s industry development office Jennifer Rowling. Remaining strawberries from that shipment have been removed from store shelves.

“It’s quite devastating for our growers — they’re really upset about it obviously, because this is their livelihood, and someone has taken it upon themselves to do something really nasty,” Rowling says.