Being Healthy Is Sexy! All About Former Chef and Stranger Things Star Matthew Modine's Fave Vegan Dishes

The actor has been a vegan for over a decade.

As a practicing vegan for nearly 12 years, Matthew Modine has gotten very creative in the kitchen when it comes to delicious plant-based dishes.

“It creates great challenges about how you create the fatty butter taste without using fatty butter,” Modine, 57, tells PEOPLE of vegan cuisine. “But chefs have gotten so good at making healthy sinful food. I think some vegan pastries are better than those with butter and sugar!”

The Stranger Things star, who is also a former professional chef (he met his wife, Caridad Rivera, in his NYC restaurant over 35 years ago), often indulges his sweet tooth with his own creations.

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Apple pie is my favorite dessert forever,” says Modine. “I use Granny Smith apples because they’re sour and I don’t ever put sugar in my pies. I mix other fruit like mangoes with the apples and that takes care of the sweetness.”

The actor has also perfected a “light and delicious” zucchini pasta (using a spiralizer) as well as a meatless meatloaf. “I use mushrooms and mix them with wild rices and ketchup,” says Modine. “You would never know you were eating a vegan meatloaf. I crave it once a week!”

And when it comes to turning up the heat? “I love chocolate cake,” Modine says. “It produces a euphoria. Everyone knows chocolate cake is an aphrodisiac!”

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