March 29, 2018 12:47 PM


Steven Spielberg just put a stop to a fast food pun utilizing his last name.

Carl’s Jr. tweeted on Monday that in honor of the director’s new film Ready Player One, they would be changing the name of their Charbroiled Sliders to SpielBurgers. “@StevenSpielberg hasn’t signed off yet, but we’re pretty sure he’ll be down with it,” the company tweeted.

After sending out a series of clips with their burgers incorporated into some of Spielberg’s most famous movies like E.T. and Jurassic Park, a Carl’s Jr. employee even stopped by the Ready Player One premiere in hopes of getting Spielberg’s approval in person.

When that didn’t work out, they resorted to stopping by the movie mogul’s production company, Amblin Entertainment, where they were also turned away.

Because he’s not on Twitter himself, Spielberg instead sent out a video statement on Amblin’s account shutting down the idea. “Hey there. It’s recently come to my attention that Carl’s Jr. wants to rename their Charbroiled Sliders ‘SpielBurgers,’” he said. “And they’re pretty good, but I’m passing. Cease and desist. You can’t do it. Sorry, guys.”

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Mark Hamill got involved in the drama when he offered an alternate plan. “Please have respect for one of the greatest directors in cinema history @CarlsJr!” tweeted the Star Wars star. “I, however, am completely open to the idea of “HAMILLBURGERS” 😜 #NoShameNoGain.”

Though likely disappointed, the Carl’s Jr. social media team took the news from Spielberg in stride: “OMG Spielberg likes our Charbroiled Sliders! (He’s not down with #SpielBurgers but we’re fine with that).”

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