June 01, 2016 12:03 PM

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We all scream for ice cream, but which state screams the loudest? Twitter was willing to find out.

The sweet treat is arguably America’s favorite snack attack. We eat all sorts of flavors and even take chances on weird colors. But in order to really measure our national addiction, the social media site analyzed 30 million tweets about ice cream to determine which state—and which flavor—trumps all the rest.

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The state that shows ice cream the most love in 140 characters is as surprising as its preferred flavor. Nevada is home to the world’s coolest casinos and apparently, an insatiable appetite for ice cream, followed by Alabama, Texas and Kansas.

In the analysis that measured tweets from March to mid-May, Twitter also scooped data on 20 flavors. The test left out the no-contest favorites, chocolate and vanilla, sticking to unique flavors that really keep the lines long at the ice cream truck.

Nevada’s preferred version is brownie and they weren’t the only state sweet on the flavor. Brownie is popular amongst nine other states, including Texas, Pennsylvania and Wyoming.

Beating brownie out in these sweet superlatives, however, is cookie dough. The flavor won the tweethearts of New York, South Carolina and nearly the entire midwest.

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And the western part of the country seems to like their coffee on a cone: states like California, Arizona and Oregon tweet the most about coffee-flavored ice cream. The flavors that are loved a little more sparingly are strawberry and mint chocolate.

But the cold truth? We’ll take any of these five flavors any time because, yum!

Marquaysa Battle, @MarquaysaBattle

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