Talk about a sweet way to ring in the summer season.

By Grace Gavilanes
June 27, 2016 09:49 AM

Who Tried It: Grace Gavilanes, PEOPLE writer-reporter

Right as we were about to sell our souls for a lifetime supply of the Starburst-tasting pink drink on Starbucks’ secret menu, we were blessed with yet another pastel beverage that we just had to try: the purple drink. And being the brave PEOPLE writer I am, I decided to try out the drink myself (so brave of me, I know), which like its predecessor, is taking over Instagram — along with its recently launched orange drink … but more on that later.

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Unlike my first go at ordering something off Starbucks’ secret menu, I went up to the register and confidently proclaimed: “I’ll have a Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher with soy milk instead of water” instead of just saying “Purple Drink,” which won’t get you anywhere and will confuse everyone involved. 

The barista didn’t hesitate. I felt like a spy on a secret mission who just shared life-changing information to an ally who would only respond with subtle nods to keep himself safe. 

But really, I was just ordering a Starbucks beverage at 4 p.m. on a Thursday.

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When I finally got a hold of it after waiting for what felt like 30 minutes (but really it was more like three) because I was so excited (I lead the most interesting life), I was surprised to see a handful of blackberries at the very top of my purple drink. It was Pinterest/Instagram-worthy for sure. No shade to the pink drink — which contained zero toppings when I ordered it — but fresh fruit truly elevates any beverage.

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I was happy as I took my first sip. It wasn’t as bright and purple as I had anticipated, but the flavor was berry good (get it, get it?) It reminded me of a lighter version of a smoothie — not as thick, but still packed with flavor. 

A few days later on Saturday morning, I made the tough decision to abandon my bed and Netflix to venture out to Starbucks to try the new orange drink.

“Oh, you mean the pink drink?” the barista asked, confused. I showed her a heavily filtered pic of the orange drink and told her I recently tried the pink and purple drinks just a week earlier.

“I’ve never made an orange drink or a purple drink,” she said, before telling me that the Instagram-famous pink drink had already become a summer staple, with a slew of customers regularly ordering it at her downtown N.Y.C. location.

I listed the ingredients after stumbling upon them online. The beverage called for orange mango juice, two scoops of vanilla bean and coconut milk. After some back and forth, the barista handed me a grande orange drink. She charged it as a smoothie ($6.04) since she said she had to use the same ingredients reserved for Starbucks smoothies.

I was pretty impressed with its overall flavor. It reminded me of an orange creamsicle. As a huge mango fan, I did wish the orange drink had more of a mango taste (it was subtle). It was delicious and pretty smooth, which I appreciated since I was in the mood for something refreshing and not filling.

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The purple drink seems like it would be better suited as a breakfast beverage while the pink and orange drinks are light enough to have as afternoon treats.

Regardless, I’d be down to receive a lifetime supply of all three colored drinks for a personalized juicing plan of sorts that will call for a diet comprised of the pink, purple and orange drinks … and bacon. Always bacon.