Living Near a Starbucks Will Increase Your Home's Value


Living near a Starbucks isn’t just good for your caffeine addiction — it actually increases your home’s value.

Not only that, but, according to research from, when a Starbucks moves into a neighborhood, houses go up in price at double the standard rate. And faster than neighborhoods with a Dunkin’ Donuts.

In 1997, a house that wasn’t near a Starbucks would have been worth, on average, $102,000, while one that was would have been worth around $137,000. Fast-forward to 2014, the non-Starbucks home would have appreciated to around $168,000, or 65%. However, the Starbucks-adjacent home would be close to $269,000, or a 96% increase. That’s almost twice the value.

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“The Starbucks Effect” isn’t just about coffee shops becoming increasingly popular: Similar data was gathered for Dunkin’ Donuts locations and, although it impacts real estate prices to a certain degree — “The Dunkin’ Donuts Effect” has increased home values around 80% since 1997 — the growth is not nearly as rapid Starbucks’ real estate.

That’ll be a venti vanilla soy latte and a south-facing one bedroom, please.

—Morgan Gibson

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