The Return of Starbucks Holiday Red Cups Is Imminent—See the New Design

The signature holiday cups are available to customers starting November 10

Starbucks Holiday Cup Causes Online Controversy
Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty

Halloween is barely over and Starbucks already has us thinking of Christmas with news of their holiday red cups.

A Reddit user named DasUberSquid revealed what is believed to be the coffee chain’s holiday cup design when he posted a photo in the r/Starbucks subreddit on Thursday and captioned it, “I peeked.”

The company appears to have added a little spice back to their cups after releasing plain red cups last year, making customers sigh with disappointment. This year’s design features a bird and foliage that looks like it was sketched out with white chalk on the classic red cup.

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The boxes, which have been delivered to many Starbucks stores already, are labeled “No peeking until November 10” signifying the return date of the cups in stores everywhere — and the unofficial start to the holiday season. A sneak peek at the full holiday collection, rumored to include even more festive red cup, will be released on November 3.

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Regardless of the design, what this really means is customers will soon be able to enjoy sipping their favorite holiday drinks. Starbucks’ signature flavors, including Eggnog Latte, Peppermint Mocha and Gingerbread Latte, are all expected to return, plus more.

Now, back to counting down until the day we can Instagram our own red cup.

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