WATCH: Starbucks Employee Hands Out Coffee and Pastries to Police Officers at Site of N.Y.C. Explosion

There's nothing like the power of a hot cup of coffee

There’s nothing like the power of a hot cup of coffee.

On Monday morning, a good samaritan decided to bring fresh Starbucks coffee and pastries to the police people guarding the site of Saturday’s explosion in N.Y.C.’s Chelsea neighborhood.

“23rd and 5th, good morning to you,” he said, bearing caffeine and sweet, sweet carbohydrates. “Give y’all some coffees and some pastries, man.” (Don’t worry, the kind stranger also handed over cream, milk and sugar.)

The man, a Starbucks employee who identified as Jermaine in the video posted by the LAD Bible, shook hands with the officers before heading on his way.

WATCH: New York City Shaken After Homemade Bomb Explosion

Saturday night’s explosion in Chelsea injured 29 people, all of whom have since been released from the hospital, NBC News reports.

New Jersey State Police said Monday that the Saturday bombings in Chelsea and the New Jersey shore town Seaside Park, as well as a Monday bombing at a train station in Elizabeth, New Jersey, were connected, a federal counterterrorism official tells PEOPLE.

As the suspect in all three bombings was taken into custody Monday morning, Jermaine’s gesture shows that New Yorkers are as united as ever in the face of terror … and still hopelessly addicted to coffee.

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