Starbucks' New Color-Changing Cups Get Even More Beautiful When a Cold Drink Is Added

Good news: a representative for Starbucks confirmed they will be restocked throughout the season.

Starbucks color changing cups
Photo: Starbucks

Starbucks just introduced new color changing cold cups, and they’re about to change the iced coffee game forever.

The coffee chain has been on a roll lately with the comeback of the S’mores Frappuccino, the debut of the tropical Dragon Drink on their permanent menu, and having what fans thought was a Starbucks cup featured (accidentally!) in a scene from Game of Thrones.

Now getting people just as excited as the GoT cameo are brand new color changing cups for the start of the summer season (a.k.a. cold brew season). They’re so popular that fans are reporting they have mostly sold out in Starbucks stores across the country.

Fear not, a Starbucks rep has confirmed to PEOPLE that the cups, which magically switch shades when a cold beverage is poured inside them, will be restocked periodically throughout the season. Only available in-store, the 24 ounce reusable cups will cost you $16.95 for a pack of all five colors, which includes Rose, Citron, Sky, Apricot and Arctic.

When the cups turn cold, Rose changes from light pink to a deep red, Citron changes from banana yellow to bright green, Sky changes from baby blue to cobalt blue, Apricot goes from pastel orange to a darker orange and Arctic goes from teal to a purply pink. The cups take on an ombre design when the temperature shifts, making them perfect props for your Instagram feed.

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In an effort to promote eco-friendly lifestyles, Starbucks will take 10 cents off any order when a customer brings in a reusable cup. Drink enough cold brew, and these cold cups may just pay for themselves!

Currently, the color changing cups are only available in the U.S. and Canada, and we highly recommend calling your local store before heading in to purchase one—they’re selling like hot cakes cold cups!

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