Starbucks Is Releasing Color-Changing Cold Brew — But You'll Probably Have to Travel For It

Starting on Tuesday, the coffee chain will begin selling their Butterfly Pea Lemonade Cold Brew in select markets across Asia

Taste the rainbow!

Today, Starbucks announced their newest Instagram-worthy beverage: a color-changing cold brew.

Starting on Tuesday, the coffee retailer will begin selling their Butterfly Pea Lemonade Cold Brew, a swirling Arnold Palmer-esque beverage made up of distinct layers of purple, pale yellow, and rich coffee-colored cold brew — but only in select markets throughout Asia.


So how does it work?

According to Starbucks’ press release, the drink’s color-changing properties come courtesy of the butterfly tea powder for which the beverages gets its name. As the popular Southeast Asian ingredient mixes in with the citrus in the lemonade, it changes colors from its natural blue hue to a luscious shade of violet.

And as you swirl the drink with your straw, the layers mix together to create mesmerizing swirls of color.

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Sadly, the company has not announced whether it will be bringing the colorful caffeinated beverage overseas for U.S. customers to try.

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